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Oh what a beautiful morning!

March 12, 2013

I awoke this morning, feeling like I was back on schedule — back to my usual routine.  These last few weeks, with the endless late nights, early mornings, and being sick (just to top it all off) I have been dragging myself, half awake, out of bed and consuming larger than normal amounts of coffee.

Today, though, it was nice to return to my easy, 5am wake up.  No dragging, no pushing the snooze button 4 too many times.  Ah, it’s good to be back!

Workout — 3.12.2013

I made it to the gym early enough this morning to warm up with 10 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill.  The temperature plummeted overnight, so I definitely needed the extra warm up time!

Cross training class was good today.  It was our typical 1 minute circuits of dead lifts (hello hamstrings!), ropes, box jumps, step ups, and a hand full of other stations.  I managed to bring a 45 pound plate weight down on my face (after lifting it overhead).  I am surprised that I didn’t break my glasses because I brought the weight down right on the bridge of my nose.  No real visible damage, just some redness and a little bit of swelling.  Grrr, it made me mad though!

We also did some treadmill sprints, resistant sprints, and stair runs.

I am starting to feel that lovely soreness creeping into my legs already.

Lunch — 3.12.2013

With my schedule being a little wacky this week, I left the office an hour early to make sure that I had enough time for lunch and to get Sadie out and about before I had to be at the gym coaching.  Thanks to last nights pre-planning, my lunch was just a quick turn in the microwave and then it was ready:

IMG_67391 cup of quinoa topped with roasted asparagus, carrots, and brussell sprouts!

So perhaps not the prettiest lunch you have ever seen, but it certainly was delicious — not to mention filling!

Skijor – Take 1

I had just enough time this afternoon to finish watching The Biggest Loser (sad it’s almost over) and take Sadie out for some exercise.  After Sunday’s attempt at skiing, I was feeling pretty confident with my skills so I figured I would make things more complicated and throw Sadie into the mix:


The harness she is wearing isn’t technically the right type of harness for this activity.  A certain 4-legged someone gets so crazed when she is mushing with my sister that she chews on her harness….and other dog’s harnesses too.  I have yet to repair her latest destruction so she was stuck with her biking harness.  Also, I had to ghetto rig a skijor belt because for some reason Joe thought it was necessary to keep it in his truck.

Which was parked at his office.

Far away from the house which is where I needed it.


I got a little creative and threw together this rig which included her leash and a belt.  It wasn’t ideal but it worked.

We didn’t go any great distance, maybe a mile….maybe.  But for the most part she did pretty good.  At certain times during our 30 minute outing I think she would get bored because she wanted to run faster and I wasn’t adept enough to keep up.  At other times, we would be flying down the trail and I would be hooting and hollering to encourage her and keep her running.  Well, she thought this meant play time,  so at what felt like 87mph, she would whip around and jump on me wanting to play.

So, not a total disaster but I think we both have some work to do.

The rest of tonight is going to be spent in front of a fire trying to get some studying done.  Ahhhh, it is so nice to be home at a decent hour!

Goodnight, pals.

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