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Bad egg!

March 11, 2013

Workout — 3.11.2013

Having woken up a little later than I had wanted to, I figured my best bet for a decent workout was to do it at home.  I was craving some serious cardio and plyos so I popped in an Insanity DVD and sweated to the TV for a little over 40 minutes.  It has been a while since I have done one of those workouts and I apparently had forgotten how great of a workout they can be when you do them 100%!

The first time I did the entire Insanity 60-day program, I started to get bored with the workouts because after a while they all seemed pretty similar.  Having revisited it today, however, I am thinking that I could, again, make it a regular addition to my daily workouts.  Perhaps even use it as part of a two-a-day every once in a while.  Who knows?  It is always good to have something “new” to spice up the routine.

After completing the DVD and doing some stretching, I spent about 15 minutes doing a variety of core exercises. I pretty much did 20 reps of whatever exercise popped into my head.

Lunch — 3.11.2013

Lunch today was scrapped together with various things from our fridge:

IMG_67371/2 of a turkey sandwich and 2 hard boiled eggs.

For the record, though, I ended up only eating one of the hard boiled eggs because the second one had a strange tinge to it once I peeled the shell off.

We didn’t have any slices of cheese to I attempted to melt some shredded cheddar on 1/2 of the slice of bread by laying that 1/2 slice across the top of the toaster, sprinkling the shredded cheese on top, and then starting the toaster.  The plan didn’t work nearly as well as I had hoped it would, but it did, however, toast the outside of the bread quite nicely.

Tonight, Joe and I spent a few hours at a friends house because they were celebrating their daughter’s first birthday.  I munched on cheese, meatballs, and carrots and called that dinner.  No cake for me though, I am working on that will power!

Right now, I have some quinoa cooking in the rice cooker and, once Joe is done with the oven, I am going to roast a bunch of veggies for lunch the next few days.  Since it is spring break here in Anchorage, we moved all of our practice times to the middle of the day.  It is great on the one hand, because I am home early all week.  On the other hand, though, it really messes with my daily routine.  I am not going to have a lot of time this week to prep my lunch when I get home and get Sadie out of some exercise so I figured it would be best to have some lunches pre-made.

Look at me being proactive!

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