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Iditarod Part 2: Its official!!

March 3, 2013

Today was the official start of the 41st Iditarod in Willow, Alaska — yesterday was the ceremonial start in the streets of Anchorage.  Joe and I, once again got to be dog handlers and run several teams to the starting line.


The starting line is a very exciting place to be.  In order to get to the teams, handlers are given official arm bands to wear (yeah, you feel kind of like a boss wearing one):


We arrived about 2 hours before the first musher went out because, while much of the time is spent getting the dogs and the mushers ready for their very long journey, the rest of the time is spent chatting, swapping stories, and eating.  Imagine a tail-gate party but there is snow and barking dogs everywhere.

Speaking of barking dogs, you should see how crazy these dogs get when they realize that they are going to get to run that day.  These dogs absolutely love to run, so much so that by the time they have their harnesses on, they are so excited to go that they are barking, screaming, and jumping because they want to go!  It really is a sight to see!

Like yesterday, Joe and I ran 4 teams to the starting line.  Unlike yesterday, though, this snow was well packed down which made the running SO much easier.  Thank goodness.

Thinking back to yesterday, though,  and how tough it was to run back and forth in that snow for an hour I am reminded that all the working out that I do has amounted to more than just a jean size.  Without all that hard work, I wouldn’t have been able to keep up and hold my own.  I should probably remember this when I have one of those days where I am struggling with the number on the scale or that my pants seems to be a little tighter than they were the day before.  I need to remember that it should always be about being healthy first; the numbers and sizes are only secondary.

Workout 3.3.2013

And, speaking of working out, look what I have for you:


I got home just before 10pm tonight and I had yet to get my workout in for the day!  After a short panic, I threw together this core circuit workout and let me tell you, by the time I got to number 5, my abs were on fire!

For this type of circuit you have 12 rounds that go like this:

round 1 – #1

round 2 – #2 + #1

round 3 – #3 +#2 + #1

round 4 – #4 + #3 + #2 + #1

round 5 – #5 +#4 + #3 + #2 + #1

etc. etc. etc until you get all the way through round #12.  I hope that makes sense.  Feel free to write in the comment section if you have any questions regarding this or any workout that I post.  I will be glad to help!

That’s all I have for you tonight.  I hope you guys had a great weekend, mine was rad!

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