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A simple equation….

February 20, 2013

1 late dinner + 2 many snooze buttons = no 4 mile run for me

Yeah, I didn’t get to the gym this morning like I had hoped.  Instead I whipped up this at-home circuit workout:


For this circuit workout, complete 3 rounds of each group of exercises.  Once you have completed 3 rounds of a group, do 100 jump rope jumps before moving on to the next group.

This circuit took me 27 minutes to complete and I was pretty damn sweaty by the time I was done.  It must have been all those burpees!

Dinner 2.19.2013

I mentioned in last nights post that Joe was making me spaghetti for dinner because I love it so! Normally when we make spaghetti, we brown some meat, add a jar of sauce and season it to our liking.  This time Joe was feeling adventurous and decided to make this sauce from scratch!  I was very impressed and it tasted great!


Check out these super cool gifts that Joe got me:


SAY WHAT!!??  Grow your own coffee beans!!!!!  This is two of my favorite things rolled into 1 present:  gardening and coffee — this is bloody brilliant!  I am a little concerned, though, because we don’t get a whole lot of natural light in our home and have lost several plants due to this (moment of silence).  I will keep you guys posted on how well it thrives in this plant house of horrors!


So, just to be clear, I do not follow the Paleo Diet — thought it does intrigue me, and I am not gluten free — though technically I am allergic to gluten.  I have quite the list of foods that I am allergic to — nothing serious, just a latent reaction to these foods — so for the most part I do little to avoid these foods.  Mostly, this is just laziness on my part.  Joe, on the other hand, has made it his mission to make sure that these foods don’t pass my lips.  I truly appreciate him for his efforts and I know I should probably be better about not eating the foods my body reacts to.  I am certain that this gift is another nudge in the direction of eating the correct foods for me.

Tonight (and by tonight I mean 2am tomorrow morning) I am flying out of Anchorage for a long weekend of gymnastics competitions.  The hotel I am staying at has a great gym with lots of equipment so I will still be getting my daily workouts in.  I also plan on posting regularly as I will have my laptop with me, so be sure to check back often.

Question for you:

When you travel, whether for vacation or for work, do you still workout regularly?  Is having a gym in the hotel a deciding factor for where you choose to stay?

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