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Reality check.

February 7, 2013

Workout 2.7.2013

I was very apprehensive while getting ready to head to the gym this morning.  Today is day two with the new instructor for the cross training class and I had my doubts that today’s class was going to be any better than Tuesday’s.  After a quick, dynamic warm up (which I am a fan of, by the way) we alternated 1 minute of jump rope with kettle bell exercises for 3 rounds.  We then hopped on the treadmill for 1 minute incline walk – 1 minute sprints.  When then grabbed a variety of equipment including medicine balls and barbells and it was at this point that I started to think that this class may just be all right.

We did an hour of sprints, plyo’s, and weight lifting and I loved every minute it!

Phew!  (big sigh of relief)

I think this new instructor might just be OK.  I appreciate that he listened to our suggestions at the first class and was willing to make the adjustments we needed so that the change-of-hands of this class went smoothly.  Good work, sir!

Calorie Counting

These last couple of months, I have, little by little, been allowing extra snacks and bigger portions sneak back into what I eat on a daily basis.  It’s not mindless eating — on the contrary, I am very aware of every morsel that I eat.  I have stopped listening for my body to give me clues as to when I should be eating and, more importantly, when I should stop eating.

A hunk of bread here, a handful of Starbursts there.  It seems insignificant at the time but I can tell it’s been adding up.

Today, for example, for lunch I had a very hearty salad topped with grilled chicken — a meal I have eaten time and time again and have been completely satisfied.  Once I was done with the salad I still felt a little hungry.  Instead of drinking some water and waiting to see if I was truly still hungry, I popped some bread in the toaster and made some PB toast.

Surprise, surprise — the PB toast took me from satiated to overly full and I regretted eating it after all.  If I had just given myself 20 minutes to wait for my brain to catch up with my stomach, I wouldn’t have eaten the unnecessary calories.

Like I said, I am starting to see all that extra eating catching up with me so it is time to reign myself back in.  Slow my roll, if you will.

I need to remind myself what an entire days worth of calories should look and feel (and taste?) like.  I started keeping track of my calories again today.  I am using the Body Media app that I have on my phone to log every meal (I am not currently wearing the arm band).  I am going to track my meals for a while to get myself back on track.

Time to get back to reality.

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