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Feeling like a Monday.

February 4, 2013


There are probably no other three letters in the English language that best describe today.  Nothing terrible or out of the ordinary happened, just more of a mood for the day.

I think I am partially recovering from the carb overload from yesterdays Super Bowl/baking party and the pretty decent at-home workout that I did prior.  All day I have felt sluggish and as if I have been dragging my feet.  My body is exhausted and my muscles are tight.

Waa Waa Waaaaaaaa!

Alright, for those of you that kept reading after that whine-fest (a wine-fest would be so much better!) let’s move on to the good stuff about today.

Workout 2.4.2013

Workouts are always good!  They are like pizza, even if they are kind of bad, they are still always good!  (Got that from a movie — ashamed I don’t know which one).  I did 60 minutes of sweat-dripping cardio that went like this:

20 minutes stationary bike

20 minutes step mill (with ever increasing steps/minute)

20 minutes treadmill incline walking

These last 2 weeks I have begun to notice the early signs of my usual shin splints/achilles tendonitis issue that likes to flare up every once in a while (and caused me to be stuck with crutches in 2011 the day after completing a 1/2 marathon).  Knowing I should take it easy on the legs (this is where my inner spoiled brat comes out : “I DON’T WANNA TAKE IT EASY!!!!!) I opted for cardio that required little to no pounding.

Tomorrow though, all bets are off!  I am going to run if I want to run!

Lunch 2.4.2013

While at the store yesterday (buying $80 worth of baking materials — ACK!!!!) I bought some salad fixings for lunches this week:



These, combined with some romaine lettuce, baby greens, grape tomatoes, and Greek feta dressing made for quite the tasty lunch:


I have, again, managed to get a little behind on my studying so I spent a fair amount of time this afternoon trying to catch up.  I am about to start week 7 which means I only have 5 more weeks to go before I take my test.  It is starting to hit me how soon I will be taking that test and how much information I have already learned (and still have to commit to memory) and how much more there is yet to learn.

Ok, I need to stop thinking about it or I am going to freak out.  I just need to continue to hit the books and study, study, study!

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