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February 2, 2013

Workout 2.2.2013

I got to the gym 30 minutes before the cross training class started which gave me ample time to get some good sprints done.  Here is what I did:


By the time I was done with this 20 minutes, there were a few minutes remaining before class started so I got some jump roping done to stay warm.  Today’s class was filling up quickly and yet Nikki was a no where to be found.  9:05….9:10 — no show.  I wanted to be irritated but more than that I was bummed that all the new people in class were most likely not going to be back, not to mention, it is not like her to be flakey so I hope everything is ok.

One of the ladies who is a regular on Saturday’s happened to have a 600 rep workout with her that I think she said she got from Body Rock TV.  After a few people left in a huff, we decided to complete the 600 rep workout as a group.

10 exercises, 60 reps each.

We broke the workout into 2 parts — so it was a little less daunting — and did 30 reps of each exercise as a first round.  Before we started the second round, we did a series of burpee variations.  Upon completing the second round we had about 10 minutes left so we all picked an exercise for the group to do.

It wasn’t the cross training workout that I was looking forward to when I woke up this morning, but I really am glad that the small group of us decided to stick around and get our sweat on.

After the gym, the rest of the day was spent at home getting this house in order.  I alternated 1 hour of studying with 1 hour of house work and got a lot of both done!  I also managed to get caught up on The Biggest Loser!

As I am sure you know, tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday.  Neither Joe nor I are big football fans (does it count that I like football movies?) but we are going over to my bosses house to be social and eat his delicious food.  I plan on making wise food choices by loading up on protein  and veggies and steering clear of the fat traps and greasy foods that tend to dominate this once-a-year event.

Question of the Day:

Do you guys go all out for Super Bowl Sunday?  How do you keep your healthy eating on track with the endless supply of greasy chicken wings and the mound after mound of chips?


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