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Look, snow!

January 16, 2013

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

It appears we may be headed back to a more normal winter here after all.  We got some snow today and I for one am glad.  I know, crazy right?  Coming from the girl who despises the cold and isn’t a big fan of snow (except for on Christmas day, of course).  I am really wanting to try skijoring with Sadie sometime this winter and you really need to have some snow to do that.

In case you have never heard of skijoring before, here is a photo that pretty much explains the process:


So pretty much I would be skiing while Sadie is running/pulling.  My sister is a skijors and is a pretty successful sprint dog musher so growing up she would take me skijoring with our dalmatian, Spotty.  (Yes, we had a dalmatian named Spotty — so very original). It will be a great way to work off some of Sadie’s seemingly endless energy and would be a pretty decent cardio workout for me!

Double win!!

Workout 1.16.2013

Speaking of workouts, this morning I did a WOD that I got from 907 CrossFit’s Facebook page.  Here is the workout:

20 minute AMRAP:

25 squats

20 push ups

15 box jumps

10 burpees

5 pull ups

I was moving very much like a sloth this morning — I hit the snooze button twelve too many times and I am horrendously sore from Tuesday’s cross training class.  I modified this WOD a little:  I don’t have a box in my home on which I can do box jumps so I used a step instead, I also did jump pull ups instead of real ones.  Looking back now, I am sure I could have done actual pull ups but apparently I was being lazy.  I hate when I realize I was being lazy!

I completed 2 rounds + 60 reps.  Eh, I could have done so much better today but I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow mornings cross training class to get another crack at it.


So, remember a few days ago how I mentioned that I was WAY behind on my studying?  Well, this gal managed to get all her reading done today!!  I only have a few online videos to watch and then I will be done with this weeks assignment.  Holla!  I might actually have some time to review everything I have been studying these last 4 weeks.

Here was the view from the coffee shop today:

IMG_1238Starting to look like winter in Alaska again!

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