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My legs are on fire!!

January 15, 2013

(psssttt….you are supposed to read that title to the Alicia Keys song “This girl is on fire.”  Go ahead, read it again.)

Workout 1.15.2013

Oh my heavens, today’s circuit training class was a killer.  I feel like I have been walking around all day with legs of lead!  Today we had 3 different circuits:  the first one included Sprints, V-Ups, and Handstand Push Ups.  The second had more weight lifting with Bosu 1-arm Kettle Bell Swings, 1-leg Dead Lifts, and Turkish Get Ups.  The last circuit was all about plyo’s with 50 seconds of Squat Jacks, 1-arm Burpees, and Skaters and 10 seconds of rest in between.

My legs were exhausted and shaky as I made my way down the stairs and into the locker room.  I know I will be even more incredibly sore in the morning!

Lunch 1.15.2013

IMG_6527Left over tortilla soup and turkey sandwich.

The tortilla soup was left over from last nights dinner and is another Alaska Dinner Factory meal that we made last month.  It was pretty good — very tomato-ey like I had hoped.  Now I know that sandwich is on white bread but please, let me explain:  We bought a loaf of white bread to make fancy grilled cheese and tomato soup later this week and we knew that after that meal, this loaf of bread would go to waste.  So rather than let that happen, we bought sandwich fixings to use up the rest of the bread.

I know, not entirely the healthy ideal that I tend to prefer, but heck, it’s saving us some money.

Well we have some episodes of The Office to watch before I pass out for the night.

Goodnight, pals!

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  1. Look, snow! « Run.It.Out

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