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Coffee Hangover?

January 10, 2013

Turns out, the coffee shop where I have taken up residence while studying for my NASM exam gives free refills on their drip coffee.  I discovered this yesterday while enjoying a hot cup of their dark roast coffee of the month.  By the time I left there for the day, I was literally vibrating from all the caffeine I had taken in.

The reason that I am telling you this is because I believe that has something to do with me getting horrible sleep last night and waking up this morning in a fog.  Now, I had no problem falling asleep — I really never do.  But it appears that the quality of sleep that I got was not enough to reverse the effects of the gallons of coffee that I ingested yesterday.  Live and learn, I guess.

So, yeah.  It was really difficult to get out of bed this morning.  My morning coffee (only 1 cup this time) didn’t give me the usual kick that I need to get moving.  Is there such a thing as a coffee hangover?

Workout 1.10.2013

I got to the gym with only a few minutes to spare before cross training class started so I crawled up onto an elliptical and took it for spin.  Today’s workout was similar to Tuesday’s where we had 30 of each exercise, 3 rounds total.  For the first circuit, we did overhead lunges, burpees, goblet squats on the bosu, 1-arm kettle bell swings, and mountain climbers.  For the second circuit, we took turns with a partner.  One partner was doing 30 seconds each side of side shuffles on the treadmill at a 15% incline, 3.5 pace while the other partner did as many of whatever the prescribed exercise was.  Those side shuffles killed my calves and set my feet on fire!

I made sure to stretch and do some foam rolling before I hit the showers.

It’s not even 9pm and I have already fallen asleep once while typing this post.

It is time for me to get some shut eye.  Goodnight!

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