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January 8, 2013

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Taking Care of Business, In a Flash!


In honor of the Kings birthday, I have managed to get quite a few projects taken care of that have been haunting my to do list.  Ok, so not necessarily because it is Elvis’ birthday but I have taken care of a lot of business today AND it is Elvis’ birthday so all that has to account for something!

Dinner 1.7.2013

I was coaching late yesterday so Joe took care of dinner.  He made a meal that we haven’t had for quite a while around here:

IMG_6506Cajun Chicken Pasta

This is one of those home made comfort meals.  I didn’t realize it before hand but apparently I was craving some carbs because this meal totally satiated that need.  Mmmmmm, it was yummy!  Let me know if you want the recipe.

Workout 1.8.2013

Cross Training class today — 7am.  We warmed up with 300 jump ropes and then complete 2 different circuits.  Each circuit had 4 exercises, 30 rounds per exercise, 3 rounds of each circuit.  Some of the exercises included wall balls, front squats, push ups, and scissors, to name a few.  We got through the first circuit with no problems and moved onto the next.

We had 30 single leg dead lifts and by number 12 on my first leg I knew there was a problem.  You know that sharp, shooting pain, and the tightness that comes with a pulled hamstring?  Yep, that was the problem.  No amount of shaking the muscle, pounding it with my first, or rubbing it would get it to release.  GRR!  So what did I do?  Moved on to the other leg and, sure as shinolah, part way through my reps I got the same pulled muscle as the first leg.

After having to baby step my way through last week because of my low back issue I was livid when I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish that second circuit.  So angry in fact, I was having to fight back tears of frustration.  Yeah, I’m an angry/frustrated crier — not my most favorite attribute.

I stretched as best I could and stormed off to take a shower.  And that was how today’s workout went.

I left the gym pissed off and feeling sorry for myself so I treated myself to an Americano.  This is the first step down a very slippery slope, my friends.  I was feeling upset and emotional, so without even thinking, I soothed myself with a treat.  Granted it wasn’t a slice of cheesecake or one of those gi-normous peanut butter cookies, but I certainly was eye-balling them in the beautifully lit display case.  Here is something that I am sure many of you have seen on Pinterest, but I love it and I need to remember it in moments like these:


Fo shizzle!

I plan on spending some time with my friend the foam roller tonight in hopes that I can get past these #*%$@! pulled hammies and be back at it tomorrow morning.

Fingers crossed!

P.S.  Check me out on Pinterest!  I wanted to have one of those snazzy “P” logos sitting on my side bar but I can’t seem to figure out how it works.  This will have to do for now!

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