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I’m Possible

January 5, 2013

Oh the cliche!  Something along the lines of there is no such thing as impossible, the very word says “i’m possible.”  Yeah, super cheesy, I admit it.  But more on this later.

Dinner 1.4.2013

Last nights dinner was super fast and super easy thanks to some pre-planning and to the stash of food we have in the freezer.  Dinner started with a small salad:

IMG_6496Romaine lettuce, red onions, red peppers, carrots, sesame seeds, and a home-made vinaigrette.  

As I was chopping the red pepper I came across a strange surprise:


And on closer inspection:


It’s either a pepper growing inside of a pepper or it’s the red peppers vestigial pepper-twin like Kuato in Total Recall:


So, we took a weird turn here.  Let’s get back to last nights dinner, shall we?

IMG_6497Butternut squash ravioli and pesto meatballs.

The meatballs come courtesy of Alaska Dinner Factory and they are so good!  We keep a couple bags of them in our freezer and heat a few here and there when we need them.

Workout 1.5.2013

Joe and I got to the gym a little early but with only enough time for me to run 1 mile before class started.  It’s a little silly to start my “How Many Miles” page with one, single mile but hey, you have to start somewhere right?  And, that one mile will count for something at the end of 2013.

In the cross-training class, we warmed up with 5 minutes of jump roping.  From there we completed a ridiculously difficult workout.  For the first set of exercises we had 1 minute to complete 7 dumbbell overhead squats + 2 lunges — any extra time in that 1 minute was considered rest.  However, once that 1 minute was up the next 1 minute round immediately started.  So, if you didn’t finish the 7 reps by the time 1 minute rolled around, you didn’t get any sort of rest.  The first few rounds of this were fine but soon after those 15 pound dumbbells got really heavy.

I somehow missed how many rounds of this we were doing so when we got done with round 5 and Nikki shouts out that we are half way done, my heart sank.  10 rounds!!??!! There was no way that I was going to be able to finish 10 rounds of 7 reps especially without any rest period.  My mind immediately filled with anger and I felt that this goal was drastically unrealistic.  It was impossible!! I wandered around for a few seconds in this pissy state and then talked myself out of that pity party.  I knew I could finish, maybe not get all the reps in, but I could finish.  I was going to finish.

After we completed 10 rounds we then moved onto a tabata workout that consisted of 30 seconds of burpees, 20 seconds of rest for 7 rounds.  My top number of burpees was 11 in 30 seconds — not great but not terrible.

From there we did another 10 rounds but this time we had 1 minute to complete 5 reps of the Bear Complex (clean, front squat, push press to behind neck, back squat, push press to front, and then down to the ground).  I was using a 50 pound barbell and did not once make 5 reps in 1 minute.  I pretty much just kept working the entire 10 minutes, resting when needed.

After that 10 rounds (nope, not done yet!) we did a pyramid workout of V-Ups and Push Ups. I had to modify the V-Ups as they are still bugging my back. Here is how the pyramid worked:

14 v-ups, 1 push up

13 v-ups, 2 push ups

12-v-ups, 3 push ups

11 v-ups, 4 push ups

and on and on.  You get the idea, right?

And finally, once all of this was done, we did 5 minutes of jump rope.

Then, DONE!!!

Oh, it was brutal!  Mentally and physically.

IMG_1222After workout faces — too bad you can’t see how red and sweaty our faces were!!

After some quick stretching (well, quick on my part — Joe is better about stretching than I am) we headed to Great Harvest to grab some breakfast sandwiches.

IMG_1223Early lunch or perhaps second breakfast.

This sandwich was really hearty and I couldn’t finish the last few bites, but it sure was delicious.

I spent the rest of the day doing some work from home, studying, cooking dinner, enjoying a nice fire, and watching The Walking Dead.

All in all a great Saturday.

Question of the Day

How do you get through a mentally tough workout?  Trust me, I need all the tips I can get!!

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