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Careful what you wish you!!

December 29, 2012

Workout 12.29.2012

I made it to the gym with just enough time to get in 15 minutes of sprint/incline intervals on the treadmill before the cross-training class started.  Here is how it all went down:


I had hoped to get to the gym earlier so that I would have more time on the treadmill, but such is life, right?  I mentioned on Thursday that we did a “Filthy Fifty” workout — 10 exercises, 50 reps of each.  I also mentioned that I was hoping to get a second crack at it because I wanted more time to try and finish it.  Well, we got a second crack at it today and we were no where near completing it!  The exercises were different than Thursday — different, and so much worse!

Joe and I got through 50 burpees + push up +box jumps, 50 1-leg big hops (each leg), 50 thrusters on Bosu, and 50 break dancers.  I was working my way through the overhead jump lunges and the plank rows when it was time to let the anxiously waiting zumba class have the room.

Oh my heavens, this was a rough workout!  My arms and chest were shaking, my legs were worn out….it doesn’t get much better than that!

After leaving the gym, I got a few hours of work done before heading home to pick up Joe and run off to the Anchorage Museum.  A few weeks ago, Joe purchased a Groupon for the Body Worlds Vital exhibit that has been in town for several months now.

bworldsPhoto Source

If you ever get the chance to see this exhibit (and you aren’t squeamish) be sure to check it out.  It is amazing to see the inner workings of the human body from the bones and muscles all the way down to the tiniest of nerve endings.  Fascinating!

On top of everything we learned at the exhibit, we also learned that you don’t wait until the second to the last day of the exhibit before going to see it:


It was like waiting for It’s A Small World at Disney Land!!

After we wandered our way through the exhibit, we used another Groupon for the restaurant that is located in the museum, Muse.  That’s right, two date nights in as many days, who do we think we are?   Joe and I have had lunch here several times and have loved it every time, so it was a nice to try out their dinner menu.

I snapped a picture of my dinner salad because it was just too pretty to not take a picture:

IMG_1209Mixed greens with apples, candies walnuts, and crumbled stilton with a champagne vinaigrette.  

It was very fresh and light.   When I imagine myself making salads at home, this is exactly what I see in my head.  In reality, though, it usually ends up just being lettuce and dressing.  Ha!  Not exactly the same!

Tomorrow I am planning on running 4 miles on the treadmill and then doing some sort of an “all abs” circuit.  Other than that, I hope to get some more studying done in my NASM book.  I am 2 chapters in and I have already learned a lot!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Later skaters.



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