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Merry Christmas!!

December 26, 2012

In case you didn’t actually read the title of the post, I will say it again…..MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day.

My day started at about 6am with a quick breakfast and then some baking.  The last few years, I have been bringing a few treats to share with my family while we are opening presents and today was no exception.  I tried a new recipe this morning for Apple Cinnamon Muffins and they were….to die for.


You can find the recipe here.  The chunks of apples give the muffins a great hit of sweet and tart without making them overly sweet (and it didn’t hurt that I am a sucker for all things involving apples).  The oats also add a wonderful texture.  I will be making these again soon — they were great.

I also revisited an old friend — Warm and Spicy Pumpkin Donuts — though this time I used an actual donut pan and the result was beautiful (unlike the tragic events of last time).  You can find this superb recipe here.


Workout 12.25.2012 (yup, even on Christmas Day)


I have been telling Joe for about a week that I had all the intention of going to the gym Christmas morning.  Late last night I was able to convince him to join me, so after we opened our gifts at home, we set out into the falling snow and headed for the gym.

As you can imagine the place was pretty dead.  There were a few die-hards getting their sweat on but that was about it.  I think the two of us walking into the gym doubled the amount of people that were there at that time.

I wanted to do a quick but intense workout so I started off with 20 minutes of sprint intervals on the treadmill.  Here is what I did:


After I was done on the treadmill, Joe joined me for this brutal circuit:


For this circuit you do the following:

Round 1 = 1 of each exercise then 100 jump ropes

Round 2 = 3 of each exercise then 100 jump ropes

Round 3 = 5 of each exercise then 100 jump ropes

Round 4 = 7 of each exercise then 100 jump ropes

Round 5 = 9 of each exercise then 100 jump ropes

I started off with a 60 pound barbell for the Bear Complex but switched to a 50 pound barbell around round 3 — it was getting super heavy.  I also used a 30 pound kettle bell for the Kettle Bell Swings.  In case you are wondering what a Bear Complex is, check out the description here.  This is a new exercise for me and I love it!!  The continuous, full body strength moves really just float my boat!

It took me 33 minutes to complete this circuit and my arms were shaking by the time I was done.  Joe did this circuit with me and we were both dying!  I hadn’t intended for it to be so hard (twss?) but that is certainly how it turned out.  Oops.

After a quick shower, Joe, Sadie, and I headed up to my parents for the rest of Christmas day.  Here is the tree at my parents house before we got going with the unwrapping marathon:


We are a one-present-unwrapped-at-a-time family so many hours of gift unwrapping took place today as it does every year.  We then had an amazing Christmas dinner before loading up our loot and heading home.  The day was truly wonderful.  Spending time with family without being pressed for time and having to rush off was a welcome change.  The snow that lightly fell throughout the day gave us a view reminiscent of a Christmas card and was the perfect backdrop.  And, sipping hot coffee and enjoying a few extra treats helped round out the day nicely.

Well, I honestly hope that everyone’s Christmas was as joyous and as heart-warming as mine was.  No matter where you are or what it is that you believe in, it is hard to deny the wonderment and the spirit of the season.



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