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It’s about time!

December 19, 2012

Every year, of the 4+ years that Joe and I have been together, we have picked out our Christmas tree together.  This year, due to wacky schedules, we had to break from tradition, much to my chagrin.  I am all about traditions, especially around the holidays, so it was bothersome to me to not have gone together to pick out this years tree.

Ah well.

Yesterday, Joe called the place where we usually purchase our tree only to find out that they were sold out!!  How do you sell out of Christmas trees??  I panicked and told to just find a tree, any tree — I wasn’t going to have Christmas without a Christmas tree.  We are all about the live trees — the smell of fresh pine needles filling our small home truly makes it Christmas around here.

So, while I was coaching last night, Joe was on the hunt for a Christmas tree.  He finally found one at Home Depot and after untangling it from the twine it was wrapped in, this is what we were left with:


Pretty sad to say the least.  Apparently, she was a little frozen.  No worries, though, by the time I woke up this morning, she had filled out quite nicely:


Obviously, the next step is to get it decorated but it might be a few days before we get to it.  Either way, it is beautiful and it smells wonderful!

Workout 12.19.2012

I stayed home this morning and completed this 3-round, full body circuit:


I used a set of 20 pound barbells for Squat & Calf Raises and one, 20 pound barbell for the Kettle Bell Swings.  This circuit ran a bit longer than my usual at-home workouts — at 50 minutes — but it did leave me sweaty and breathless so I say it was a win!

After work tonight, I ran over to a local winery where I and some dear friends bottled 3 cases of wine that we had made.  This place is awesome!  You make a reservation, bring in any food or snacks that you want, try out the various wines they offer, and if you like any of them you get to make a case of it for yourself.  We have done this at least a dozen times and we have several cases of wine to prove it!!  It was a fun time with friends and a nice break in the middle of the hectic holidays.

That’s all I have for you for now — I want to keep working on my post about the Happiness Project which is proving to be more writing that I had anticipated.

Sweet dreams, pals!

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