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Empty Fridge

December 15, 2012

We are officially out of oatmeal, half and half, Greek yogurt, bananas, eggs, and dark chocolate.  What are we going to do!!?? Thank God I buy 2 jars of peanut butter at a time so I am guaranteed not to run out.  That would be a code red around here.

It looks like we need to get to the grocery store and stock up.  The only problem is, I absolutely loathe going to the store on weekends because every one and their grandmother is there too.  The crowds of people and the horrible parking send my angry-ometer through the roof.  I must not be a patient person or something.  Please tell me I am not the only one that feels this way?

Workout 12.15.2012

We hustled out the door this morning to make it to the 9am cross training class.  The workout was the same format as Thursday: 50 reps of each, 40 of each, 30, 20, 10.  We got a little bit of a late start so we started with the 40 rep round.  The exercises were overhead lunges, v-ups, supermans, and burpees (with pushup).  This workout wasn’t a killer like the past few have been but it still had me sweating right off the bat.  Joe and I managed to, unintentionally, pace each other and we finished our last 10 burpees with each other.  Usually I don’t care whether or not I have a workout buddy, but it was nice to have him by my side at the end.

After a quick stretch and a shower we rushed over to Great Harvest Bread Company to pick up some breakfast sandwiches and coffee to go.  We had plans to attend a friends college graduation so we had no time to sit and eat.

It was a delight to watch our friend Dave give his brief, but heartfelt, speech, cross the stage, and accept his diploma.  Way to go, Dave!  We are proud of you.

The rest of the day included a trip to Michael’s to pick up some crafty supplies and a stop in at Wal-Mart so Joe could buy motor oil — I know, it is just wild and crazy around here!  I have made a little bit of a dent in the list of Christmas gifts that I am making.  I am waiting for a canvas to dry so I can finish it and cross that off my list too.

I have to sign off here, Joe and I are off to have dinner with the new scholar and his family at a wonderful, local restaurant.

I hope everyone had a good start to the weekend.

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