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Playing Catch Up

December 9, 2012

I woke up with a start this morning.

Even on weekends, I tend to wake up between 5 and 6 in the morning whether or not I have set my alarm.

As I was coming out of my sleep fog, I glanced at the clock (assuming it was probably 6am) and was surprised when the clock read 8am.  My first reaction was, “oh my heck, I’ve over slept!!” but then realized that I really didn’t need to be up early this morning so I took my time getting out of bed.

Apparently my body and brain needed some extra rest and I am grateful for it!

Breakfast 12.9.2012

Breakfast this morning was toast with cashew butter (yup, trying something new) and a bowl of Bob’s Red Mill Hot Cereal to which I added ground flax seeds, blueberries, pomegranate seeds, rice milk, and a little bit of cinnamon:


It was a delight!

After breakfast, I did a few hours of work here at home and then I got the crock pot ready for tonight’s dinner.  It will be a repeat of the slow cooker pot roast that we had a few months ago.  You can find that recipe here.

Workout 12.9.2012

After the crock pot was set up and doing what it does so well, I headed off to the gym.  As I mentioned yesterday, Joe made it to the cross training class and took a picture of that days circuit for me.  I wrote down that circuit and used it as today’s workout.  Even though I wasn’t able to be in class on Saturday, I still wanted to do the workout.  Apparently Nikki, the instructor, explained yesterday that the way the class is structured, Tuesday is the day she introduces the exercises and the circuit, Thursday is the same circuit but the exercises are intensified, and Saturday is the same circuit, but even harder.

I would have to say that, for the most part, today’s circuit was harder but I wasn’t dying like I was on Thursday.  I think the 1 minutes sprint at an 8% incline — which we did on Thursday — was what did me in.

Today’s circuit took me about 1 hour 15 minutes which means that I would not have finished it in class.  Even though I wasn’t dying when I was done, it was still a brutal workout.  My chest, arms, and legs were shaky with exhaustion and my calves are already sore. I loved it!

I have a friend coming over to work on some holiday crafts (!!) and to have dinner so I am going to sign off until tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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