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Time for Resolutions?

November 30, 2012

Well, I did it.

Workout 11.30.2012

I tackled the 40 minute interval run that I took a stab at yesterday and this time I managed to make it all the way through.  Here it is:


I still battled my way through this 40 minutes which was a little surprising.  It was as if I had taken a break from running and this was my first run back.  Weird.  Maybe I should focus a little more on distance for a while rather than the sprint intervals.  I can do that, it just isn’t nearly as interesting to run for distance when I am stuck on the treadmill.

Here’s hoping there are decent shows on the TV!


We are getting closer and closer to the New Year.  A time of renewal, second chances, and new beginnings.  I have never really made resolutions in the past — perhaps it was a fear of not following through or that my newly stated intentions were nothing to write home about.

I never put myself up to the task of quitting smoking (never started) or learning a new language (though my Dad would love it if I learned Spanish) but I have, in the past, suggested small changes that I have wanted to see in myself.  Small tasks that I want to tackle on a daily basis.

Last year, for example, I wanted to complain less about minor grievances and about things that are out of my control.  I started to realize that, on a daily basis, I was bitching and moaning as a way of conversing with those around me.  Rather than discuss topics of actual importance, I was taking the easy way out and whining about this and that.

I’m sure it got really old really fast for those that stuck around to hear it and when I finally took a step back I realized how taxing it must have been not only for them, but how taxing it was on me.

I think I did OK in my attempt to make that change for 2012 — I know that there must have been times that I slipped back into my whining and complaining but that is all part of the process of change.

For the last few months, I have been keeping a list of things, minor tweaks to my daily life that I would like to keep an eye on and make changes to in the coming year.

I don’t know if I would call them New Years resolutions, that almost seems like a tongue-in-cheek practice that is expected to fail.  I don’t really know what I should call them.  Any ideas?

I recently read a blog post over at Can You Stay For Dinner (follow her blog!) all about New Year’s Resolutions.  You can read that post here.  What really resonated with me was how she pointed out how strange it is, this notion that we must wait for a particular day to start changing our lives for the better.  Why must we wait until the 1st of January to take those first steps in the right direction?

If you want to make a change, and are wholeheartedly committed to making it, why not start now?  Start the instant that your head and your heart come together over this notion that change is necessary.

That it is important.

Don’t continue to put it off for another day — putting it off, just like it says in her post, means that you are not ready and you will not be successful.

When the time is right and you know 100% that you are ready, that is the time to act.  Don’t hesitate and don’t wait for a more convenient time.

You have to strike while the iron is hot, as they say, and for me that time is now.

Question of the Day:

Are you a New Years Resolution maker?  Why or why not?  Has making those resolutions caused a change in your life?


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