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Dinner’s Ready!

November 27, 2012

Dinner 11.26.2012

Walking through the door last night after getting off work, I was hit with the delicious smell of food cooking.  It really is one of the best ways to end your day!

Joe was sauteing up a variety of vegetables that were taking up residence in our fridge as well as cooking some halibut that we had caught 2 years ago.

It was just about ready when I got home, it was delicious AND it was nutritious! Triple win!

And if that was not enough, Joe surprised me with some fancy chocolates from a local chocolate shop, Modern Dwellers.

The one on the left is called Peppermint Dust and the one on the right is called Pumpkin Spice (he knows me so well).  The description for the Pumpkin Spice says, “Dark Chocolate & organic pumpkin ganache spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger.  Hand rolled in white chocolate.”

Are you drooling yet?

The peppermint was good but the Pumpkin Spice was amazing!!  I may have to swing by Modern Dwellers more often!!

Workout 11.27.2012

We were pretty sluggish getting out of bed this morning but we still managed to get to the gym by 7am.  I warmed up with 20 minutes of sprint intervals on the step mill.  Here it is, it may look a little familiar:

0-4  80 steps/minute

4-5  125 steps/minute

5-9  80 steps/minute

9-10  125 steps/minute

10-14  80 steps/minute

14-15  125 steps/minute

15-19  80 steps/minute

19-20  125 steps/minute

I then did 3 sets of 3 (kipping) pull ups.

After all that it was time to complete this circuit and boy did I enjoy it:

Each section utilizes the specific piece of equipment that is listed above.  Complete 3 rounds of each section before moving on to the next.  I forgot to check the time when I was done but I am certain that I completed the circuit in less than 30 minutes.

This workout was pretty fun — I liked focusing on one piece of equipment while still being able to do such a varied workout.  No boredom here!

Sadie is getting stir crazy in the house — this is evident by the fact that she is continually hiding her ball under the TV stand so that she can dig it out again.

Time to get dressed up like Randy in A Christmas Story, brave the cold, and take Sadie for a walk.


“I can’t put my arms down!!”

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