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My Cardio Sesh* and A Gentle Reminder

November 15, 2012

*It’s short for ‘session’.  All the cool kids are saying it.

Before we get into all that action, here is a peak at yesterdays lunch.

Lunch 11.15.2012

Scrambled eggs and roasted vegetables.

The veggies have been piling up in the fridge so I knew I needed to do something to use them up.  I sauteed some onion and red bell peppers until they were just tender and then added 3 eggs and scrambled them.  In the last few minutes of the eggs cooking I also added 1 roma tomato and a little bit of sharp cheddar cheese.

I roasted squash, carrots and broccoli in a 375 degree oven for about 40 minutes.  So yum!

As I was dishing out the eggs I was shocked at how much food there was.  I figured there would be no way that I could finish it all, but at one point I looked down and all the eggs were gone.  Apparently I ate them all.  Mindless eating anyone?

Workout 11.15.2012

My legs are still crazy sore from Tuesday’s workout (and I am sure yesterday’s didn’t help either) and I got a little beat up at the chiropractor yesterday so my low back is achy and tight.  I took all this into consideration when figuring out today’s workout.

I decided to do a 60 minute slow and steady cardio session at the gym this morning.  Here is how it went:

15 minutes stationary bike

15 minutes treadmill (walking on incline)

15 minutes elliptical (no resistance but I was booking it the whole time)

15 minutes step mill (70 steps per minute)

Ok, so not all that slow but I didn’t do any sort of sprints or intervals — just a steady, manageable pace the entire time.

I often question myself and wonder if these sorts of workout are enough to maintain my goals and promote change.  I worry that I am not doing enough on a day to day basis and speculate whether or not I should be doing more.

That would be my brain always second guessing itself.

I just have to gently remind myself that any workout is better than no workout and that not every day can be a “balls-to-the-walls”  sweat-fest.  My body needs a chance to rest and recover and that is what days like today are designed for.

Deep breath.

Pat on the back.

You’re doing just fine.

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