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Back to Reality.

October 1, 2012

Technically Monday is the second day of the week but in the minds of most Americans (I can only assume) is that Monday is the day that starts off the rest of our week.

I would have to say that I too fall into this category.

I greet Mondays with equal parts dread and excitement — dread because I never seem to cross off everything that was on my weekend to do list; and excitement because Mondays often feel like a chance to start over, to have another go at it.

I’ve mentioned recently that the last month and a half has been pretty busy for me.  I am proud to say that I never allowed that to get in the way of my daily workouts though I do know that I let my eating habits slip a bit.

More than a bit.

It’s not so much that I was making poor food choices, rather I was eating larger portions that usual and I was also eating when I wasn’t hungry.

I not only wasn’t listening to what my body needed fuel-wise, I was blatantly ignoring it.

I indulged in handfuls of chocolates when a few bites would have sufficed.

I ate bowls of cereal because I wanted the comfort of it, not because I was hungry.

I went back for seconds, even thirds when I make it a point to never, ever do that.


Well there it is all laid out on the table.

I have confessed my sins and it is time to get everything back in order.

Back to reality.

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