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All ’bout the Bosu.

September 23, 2012

I woke up this morning feeling like I had been run over by a steam-powered train.  Like the really big, really heavy ones.  I did not have one sip of alcohol at the wedding last night yet I felt like a hung over college student.

Joe and I are not typically ones to tear up the dance floor at events where that sort of activity takes place.  I always feel very awkward when on the dance floor so I tend to fake a seizure or chew my wrists open to avoid it.  Last night, though, my favorite local band was playing live at the wedding and I couldn’t help myself!  (They are a ska band so mostly you are just bouncing around — that I can do.)

I danced bounced for hours last night (score extra cardio workout!!) and I was heels the whole time.  My legs, feet and back were dead this morning.  As much as I wanted to lay around all morning, sipping coffee I knew that the only way to wake up my tired body was to head to the gym.

After yesterdays high speed (for me at least) treadmill run I decided to take it a little easy on the cardio.  I only did 20 minutes alternating between incline walking and running.  Here it is:

0-5  walk  4.0 pace  7.0 incline

5-10  run 6.2 pace

10-15  walk  4.0 pace  7.0 incline

15-20  run 6.4 pace

I realize now that I completely forgot to do pulls ups so I guess I will have to do those tomorrow.

I then did an AMRAP circuit that was strictly for the Bosu:

I completed 3 rounds and was partway through the 4th when the time was up.  It was a great workout and was sort of fun to have it all focused on one piece of equipment.  I have a few more of these types of workout percolating in my brain so keep an eye out for them.

The dryer buzzer just went off so I had better get back to the laundry.  Sigh, the story of my life.

Happy Saturday!

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