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September 22, 2012

Do you see what I see?

Rather, what I don’t see?

That’s right — it’s not raining.

Well, it wasn’t when I woke up this morning and it stayed clear and (gasp) sunny for a good part of the day.

Right around 4pm it started to rain again which, coincidentally, was the exact time Sadie and I were headed out the door to burn of some energy.

Touche mother nature.

Workout 9/21/2012

I was back at the gym this morning — I felt like I needed to make up for my rushed workout from the day before.  I started with 35 terrifying minutes on the treadmill.  Let me show you the intervals and then explain why I was scared:

So, as you can see there are 2 consecutive sprint every 3 minutes and, as you can see, the pace was getting up there!!!  I was certain that I was going to make one wrong move and going flying backwards off of the treadmill.

You can’t come back from that.

I am happy to report that that didn’t happen and I survived this treadmill workout.
Here is the AMRAP workout that I did after running on the treadmill:

I used a 40 pound barbell for the Squat & Bicep Curl though I think I got a little ambitious.  I was struggling with the 40 pounds on the bicep curls and probably had pretty bad form while doing them.  30 pounds next time, for sure.

I was almost done with 3 rounds when the time was up.  I still need to kick it up a notch — not sure why I am moving so slow.

That is all I have for today because Joe and I just got back from an awesome wedding and we are exhausted — as a matter of fact, he is already asleep and I am jealous!

Goodnight and have a great weekend.

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