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Every Excuse in the Book!

September 12, 2012

That would be the best way to describe me during my run on the treadmill.  Before I go into details about that I guess I should show you what I did today.

After a breakfast of peanut butter toast with chia seeds and some Quaker Medley Oatmeal I headed off to gym to get my sweat on.

I intended to do 40 minutes of sprint intervals on the treadmill but ended up stopping at 35 minutes — more on that later.

Here it is

Now I don’t know if it was due to a lack of sleep, being worn out from yesterday’s run, or just plain lack of interest — whatever the reason is, it doesn’t really matter.  I couldn’t keep myself on the treadmill.  I used every excuse in the book to stop:

hair tie is feeling loose, had better stop and redo it

ear buds are falling out, had better stop and put them back in

back is feeling tight, had better stop and stretch it out

feels like my shoelaces might come untied, had better retie them just to be safe

Oh, it was terrible!

And what’s worse, with 5 minutes left to go I allowed myself to throw in the towel and stop.

This isn’t the first time I have been lazy on the treadmill and I know it won’t be last.  But I also know that these lazy days are few and far between and any time I spend on the treadmill is better than no time.

After my shortened run I did 4 dead hang pull ups and sluggishly moved on to this AMRAP circuit:

I used an 18 pound  medicine ball for the Kettle Bell Swings and a 40 pound barbell for the Dead Lift.  I completed 2 1/2 rounds by the time 20 minutes was up — yeah, I was moving pretty slow today.

Besides this workout Sadie and I walked for an hour today around the dog park so I say that makes up for some of my laziness earlier in the day.

Not much else to write about today, though I do want to steer  you towards a great blog post that I received in my inbox a few days ago from Nerd Fitness.  Check this guy out and perhaps join the “rebellion.”  In my world it doesn’t get much better than combining fitness with talk of Star Wars and superheroes.

Here is the post I am talking about — it is a funny take on how to be healthy by telling you all the ways  to be unhealthy.  I am pretty sure that will make more sense when you read it.


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