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All About the Abs

September 10, 2012

Before I get into today’s workout I want to rewind and go over last nights dinner.

Dinner 9/8/2012

As I mentioned last night, Joe was busy in the kitchen using up the plethora (yup, I said ‘plethora’) of fresh veggies we have in the fridge.  He found this recipe online for vegetable pasta and fudged it a little to incorporate what we had on hand.

We figured you could easily add some seasoned chicken and perhaps some feta cheese — we will be sure to try that next time.  Oh, and I don’t know what types of noodles those are but they are super fun to eat.  Don’t hate until you try it!

Workout 9/9/2012

We hit up the gym again this morning and I am already sore, a mere 10 hours later.  As is often the case I started off with 35 minutes on the treadmill.  I didn’t do my usual sprint intervals, rather I did an endurance run (or what I call an endurance run).  Here is how it went:

I liked this combination of 5 minutes easy pace with 5 minutes of not so easy pace.  I sure was sweating by the time it was over.  I then did another All Abs All the Time workout and this is how it went:

I used a 16 pound medicine ball for the Oblique Twists.

I completed 3 rounds in 19:20.  If you try this workout feel free to let me know your time and what you though of it.

I figured after all those ab workouts I should do something to strengthen my lower back so I did 3 sets of 15 chest raises on the exercise ball.

Lunch 9/9/2012

With winter fast approaching (there is already snow in the mountains — that’s the beginning of the end!!) Joe and I are realizing that our grilling days are numbered.  Joe really wanted grilled hot dogs for lunch so we cooked up some Hebrew National all beef hot dogs.  I caramelized some onions to go along with the deliciousness!

As you can see I had a side of last nights pasta with my hot dog.  Ok, so not the healthiest lunch I have ever had but certainly not the unhealthiest (read: entire box of Kraft mac & cheese….on more than one occasion.)

Well, here is hoping that you had a relaxing, yet productive weekend like I did.  Tomorrow is Monday — another chance to get it right!

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