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September 7, 2012

The chorus of chainsaws and wood chippers continues to fill the air all over town.  People are still burrowing out from all the trees that were lost in the storm.

It is still very blustery here in Anchorage and the surrounding areas.  Apparently we were one of the lucky households that got power back soon after it went out (read: 7 hours later).  There are still people that don’t have power and may not have it until tomorrow — lame.

I took Sadie out for a walk today on some of the trails behind our house and I was surprised at how the landscape has changed since the wind storm that happened on Tuesday.

Here is a side view of an uprooted tree:

And here is a picture of Sadie in front of the now up-turned roots:

That’s cray-cray!!


Fatigue, as defined by smarter people than me, is thus:

1. weariness from bodily or mental exertion.
2. a cause of weariness; slow ordeal; exertion: the fatigue of driving for many hours.
What is missing in this definition is a picture of me next to it.
It appears that I may have over done it a little and worn out my body to the point that I am noticing my performance in my workouts is suffering.  Looking at the last few days worth of workouts, though, it doesn’t seem like my body should be as exhausted as it is.
I know that I am supposed to take a rest day every once in a while but I really have a hard time taking a day off.  I have finally, after all the years, gotten into the habit of working out every day.
Of making my health and wellness a priority.
Of not listening to every excuse in the book that keeps me from my goals.
It is for reasons such as these that I struggle with taking a break.
I guess I am afraid of taking one day off, then one day turns into two, then three, then seven and then not being able to get it back.
I mention all this because I was battling my way through the entire circuit that I did today.  From beginning to end I was struggling.  I couldn’t make it through one set of Squat & Press without putting the barbell down and having to catch my breath where normally I breeze right through them.
I hated feeling that way.
Feeling that I wasn’t working to my potential.
What’s worse, I was getting angry with myself.
I was clouding my own mind with thoughts of self pity streaked with self hatred.
It was not a good place to be in.
Tomorrow will not be a rest day for me — I have already decided that.  I will, however, limit myself to only an easy run outside if weather permits.  If the weather is less than desirable,  I will go to the gym and do a laid back cardio session.  For now, that will have to suffice as a “rest day.”
Workout 9/6/2012
I started off with 40 minutes of walking/running/sprinting treadmill intervals.  Here is how it went:

After that I did 6 kipping pullups and then completed this circuit:

I used a 40 pound barbell for the Squat & Calf Raise as well as the Squat & Press.  The 3,3,3,3 Push Ups consist of 3 push ups with hands together, 3 military push ups, 3 wide push ups and 3 pike push ups.

I was just starting my 3rd round when the timer went off but I figured I was doing such a terrible job that I should complete the 3rd round even though I was over time.

Lunch 9/6/2012

I swung by a fancy cheese store that we have here in Anchorage called Fromagio’s.  I ordered a crispy prosciutto sandwich which is basically a fancy grilled cheese.

The salad was light and refreshing and the sandwich was warm and full of gooey cheese.  It was full of win (and cheese)!

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