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Oh, the randomness….

August 28, 2012

Hey folks.

I have a ton of things piling up in my pictures folder that I have been hoping to share with you and today is the day!  But before we dive head first into all that craziness I want to share with you today’s workout.

Workout 8/28/2012

I am really excited to share this workout with you because it wore me out!  I left the gym sweaty and fatigued — I love that!

As you may or may not know, I typically do some variety of sprint intervals on the treadmill but today I changed it up and did 50 minutes of what I am going to call endurance intervals.  So, instead of several minutes of steady paced jogging with short bursts of sprinting, I maintained a steady pace for 5 minutes at a time and then raised or lowered the speed at which I was jogging.

To me that sounds confusing so how about I just show you:

That quick 5 minutes of walking smack dab in the middle was a blessing — I certainly needed it.  As with all the treadmill workouts that I have posted the pace can be easily adjusted to suit your own abilities.

Once I was done running I completed 6 kipping pull ups (though the last one was questionable — ain’t gonna lie) and moved on to the following circuit workout:

I used a 40 pound barbell for the Clean & Press and a pair of 10 pound dumbbells for the Push Up Rows.  I was almost done with 3 rounds when the timer went off and I was still wanting more of this madness so I went a little over time to complete 3 rounds.

Boy, my legs were dying by the end of this workout!

Speaking of legs, if I stop making posts it is most likely because I have fallen down the stairs at the gym and broken my neck.  Let me explain.  When I am doing my usual circuit workouts at the gym I am upstairs in the group class room though the barbells and the medicine balls that I use are housed downstairs.  This means that I have to haul all the equipment I am using for that workout up the stairs and into the classroom, which I happily do every day.
Now, the gentleman that cleans the gym is the nicest man in the world — I don’t know his name yet but I say ‘hi’ to him every time I see him.  He does his cleaning in the morning at the same time that I am there.  Without fail, by the time that I am done working out and I need to return all the equipment to its proper place he has just gotten done mopping the stairs.  So picture me carrying a variety of heavy objects (i hate making more than one trip so i take it all) down a flight of wet stairs on legs that are fatigued and shaky.  That is a concussion waiting to happen!


I realized this morning that there is a serious lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in our household so after the gym I rushed over to the grocery store (looking like the definition of hot mess, mind you) and loaded up on some produce for the rest of this week.  Thank goodness.
While at the store I came across this beverage, have you guys ever tried it?
At this very moment I am sipping at it and dang! it is tart.  I’m think I’m liking it though.

Now, as if the above hasn’t been random enough, onto the randomness!

Tracking My Workouts:
For whatever reason — perhaps it is the way my brain is wired — I have an insatiable need to keep track of all the workouts that I do.  I have to know the days I’ve worked out and what I have done on those days.  So years ago I bought myself a calendar and a pack of star stickers and began placing a sticker on the calendar for every day that I worked out and I am still doing that to this day.  I know, a little bit kindergarten-ish but hey, it works for me.  It is a great visual and shows the times when I slack off as well as the times when I am kicking butt! You may have noticed that I did not get a workout in on July 14th — I too am ashamed.  That was the day that Joe and I were at the Kenai River salmon fishing.  Sigh.

Fried Green Tomatoes:

When the movie Fried Green Tomatoes came out I absolutely  loved it.  So much so that as a non-tomato eater at that time I really wanted to make fried green tomatoes.

Let me tell you, I failed and I failed hard.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, Joe and I were at the grocery store and stumbled upon some green tomatoes.  I immediately snatched them up vowing to right the wrong I had created so many years prior.

I scoured the internet looking for recipes and discovered I didn’t have all the ingredients.  On top of that, my laziness kicked in and I really did not want to go back to the store.  So, I had to get creative.

I knew that I had a box of Jif corn muffin mix in the pantry so I mixed the entire box with a generous portion of Tony Satcheres Cajun seasoning.

I dredged the tomato slices in milk and then coated them in the the corn muffin mixture.

I then fried them (horrible I know) for several minutes each time until they started to crisp up and slightly brown.  I was skeptical as I took my first bite and, low and behold….WIN!!!  

They were amazing.  Crispy on the outside with the delightful taste of cooked tomatoes on the inside.
I couldn’t have been happier.

Aggressive Beavers:

(Hey O!)

As I may or may not have mentioned, Joe and I live so very conveniently close to the local dog park (I say ‘the” assuming it is the only one in Anchorage, there may be more.)  So at least once a week Sadie gets to visit over there, make some friends and swim in the lake.

There is quite the beaver population in that lake that have taken to aggressively protecting their area and their babies as they rightfully should.

It has been brought to my attention that some of these beavers have a taste for blood and have attacked dogs in the area and even attempted to drown dogs that are swimming in the lake.  WHAT THE WHAT!!??

Now every time Sadie swims there I am on high alert like the Secret Service.  I keep an eye out for ripples in the water heading in her direction.  I listen closely for the Jaws theme expecting it to play as the beavers are moving in for the kill.  I am ready at a moments notice to dive in to rescue my girl.

I am all for “All God’s creatures” and what not but I am not above punching a beaver in the face!! (hehe, that’s fun to say).

The first picture is of a beaver-destroyed tree.  I didn’t know that’s how they actually brought them down — I figured you only saw that in cartoons.  The sign in the second picture is posted all around the lake to warn dog owners about the dangerous, beaver-infested waters.

And lastly:

I really wanted to post these pictures from the mud run that I did a few weeks ago but completely spaced it.  When the race was over I stripped off everything I was wearing (i was in a port-a-potty — what kind of girl do you think i am) and changed into some warm and dry clothes that I had brought with me.  Below are the clothes I ran in in all their mucky glory (i left the underwear out of the pictures, you’re welcome).

Well folks, thanks for letting me get all that out.  Now I can finally delete some of the pictures that are taking up space on my computer.

I am about to head into the kitchen to clean and prep all the produce that I purchased today — I think a large salad and some roasted veggies are on the menu for lunch.

Later Skater!


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