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My Run, My Lunch, My Garden

August 22, 2012


Mother Nature must have been listening to my incessant whining because she finally granted Anchorage with a beautiful day.  I took complete advantage of the decent weather and headed out doors.

Workout 8/22/2012

Prior to my run I could feel some hunger induced stomach rumbles so I made up a quick 1/2  PB & J.

mmmm, gooey goodness!

I then set out for a 6 mile run (again, finally!)

It was great to be outside with just the sound of my Hawaii mix playing in my ears and the seemingly endless stretches of woods and trails.

The sun was warm when I needed it to be and seemed to know when to disappear when I needed to cool off.

I couldn’t have planned it any better.

I completed the 6 miles in 53:31 and I am pretty happy with that.

Besides the run, I have no other plans to workout today.  Rumor has it you are supposed to give you body a day off every once in a while — not sure how I feel about that!


We still had a lot of vegetable left in our fridge so for me that means it’s time for some roasted vegetable.  (Truth: I would use any excuse to make up a batch of roasted vegetables — i love them so.)

Today’s batch consisted of sweet potatoes (!), yellow squash, zucchini, carrots and onions.

To go with the vegetables I made a 1/2 turkey sandwich with monster (muenster) cheese, lettuce and mustard.

What’s that you say?

You want to see a picture of my lunch?

Don’t mind if I do!

So I have been meaning to share with you all pictures from my vegetable garden.  We here in Alaska have a pretty short growing season though the long hours of sunlight do help a lot.

I have a small plot that is part of a community garden close to my home.  My veggies are pretty slow growing — especially compared to the other plots around me — but I have been told that I got the short end of the stick when it comes to plot space.

I get a lot of shade.

Like me, veggies need the sun to thrive.


Either way this is how things are looking in the garden.

Starting at the top and moving left: red potato plants, peas, chard, beginnings of a red potato, garlic, arugula and the beginnings of a crooked neck squash.

We have yet to eat anything out of garden and I am hoping against hope that fall is warm and sunny so that I get some more growth before we have to pull everything out of the dirt.

Thanks to Joe and my Dad for making those planter boxes for me, they are perfect!

It is getting to be that time that I need to take Sadie for a walk — if I don’t get to sleep all day then neither does she!

Tough love in this household.

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