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Look Who’s Getting Fancy!

August 19, 2012

Workout 8/18/2012

Joe and I woke up early and headed straight to the gym.  I ran 35 minutes of intervals, did 4 dead hang pull ups (!) and then did a great circuit workout.  Here is how it all went down:

And for today’s circuit:

I used a 40 pound barbell for the Squat & Calf Raise and 10 pound dumbbells for the Push Up Rows.

My back bitched and moaned quite a bit through today’s workout but I just kept on keepin’ on.  Gotta show it who is boss around these parts!

When I was done with my workout Joe still had some time left on the treadmill so I figured “why not” and hopped back on and walked for 15 minutes at 4.0 incline.  Every little bit helps, right?


After we left the gym we were, of course, ravenous so we swung by Great Harvest Bread Company for some sandwiches.  I am these at least once a week because this is where Joe and I get our sliced bread from.  We get the honey whole wheat bread and use it for toast, sandwiches, etc.

I ordered a 1/2 sandwich (though they accidentally made my a whole — score free sandwich!) with turkey, provolone cheese, lettuce, pickles, onion, tomato and mustard.  These sandwiches are crazy filling — even the 1/2 — mostly because the bread is so thick.  Joe and I have decided that this will be a regular lunch stop after Saturday morning workouts.  I can’t see any fault in that.

After lunch we rushed home to get gussied up for Joe’s coworkers wedding.  The wedding was so sweet and charming with tons of DIY elements (a girl after my own heart) that I just loved.  The happy couple celebrated their wedding with a small group of family and friends outdoors in Girdwood, AK.  It did start to rain in the middle of the reception but that certainly didn’t ruin anything — and besides, isn’t it good luck to have rain on your wedding day?

After the wedding we picked Sadie up from my sisters house where she had a doggy play date with my sisters dogs.  She must have played hard because she has been passed out since we got home!

Tomorrow Joe and I are volunteering at the Big Wild Life Runs tomorrow.  This is the 1/2 marathon that I have run twice and I am a little sad that I am not running it this year.  For whatever reason I wasn’t feeling my usual “race bug” this year so I decided not to run it.  As the race has gotten closer I have started feeling that racing itch but by then it was too late to start training for it.

So, the second best thing is to volunteer at the finish line.  I am pretty excited to be amongst all the hubbub and see the races from the other side.

I baked a loaf of banana nut bread for Joe’s coworkers who I will also be manning a table with.  I figured having some snacks on hand would keep people happy.  I am going to share the recipe for Banana Nut Bread but be warned, this is not a particularly healthy version.  I am on the hunt for a healthy yet still tasty version of this recipe but until then I will continue with this one.

Phew!  This post wore me out!!  Thank goodness Joe is one of those smart computer people who knows how to make all this work.  Well, we are hoping that all this works….fingers crossed.

Lastly, I’m going to send you to a post over at Peanut Butter Fingers where she writes up a short “if you blog this is what you should know” guide.  It was so super helpful for me so I wanted to make sure to share it with others.  Check out her blog, it is one of my favs and she has a dog named Sadie too.  Win win!

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