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Treadmill 1, Me 0

August 17, 2012

Workout 8/16/2012

I had an epic interval workout planned for the treadmill this morning.

Through a series of technical difficulties and, most certainly, user error I was unable to know what I actually ended up accomplishing today.  So, I will list below the intervals that I intended to do today even though it was an epic failure.

Here is what I had hoped to do today:

0-5  walk – incline at 3.0

5-10  run at 6.0


10-14  walk – incline at 4.0

14-18  run at 6.2


18-21  walk – incline at 5.0

21-24  run at 6.4


24-26  walk – incline at 6.0

26-28  run at 6.6


28-29  walk – incline at 7.0

29-30  run at 6.8

Repeat all that 2 times.

After the travesty that was my treadmill workout I completed 5 kipping pulls ups and then moved onto this circuit workout.

AMRAP in 20 minutes of the following:

Squat and Press  15

3,3,3,3 Push Ups*

Standing Wood Chop  10 each side

Single Leg V Ups  20

Kettle Bell Swings  15

Jump Rope Double Unders  10

*3 pushups with hands together, 3 military, 3 wide and 3 pike pushups.

I used a 30 pound barbell for the Squat and Press and  16 pound medicine ball for the Standing Wood Chop and the Kettle Bell Swings.

I have an ongoing issue with a disc in my lower back.  It decided to make an unexpected appearance today so I am back on the ice regimen.  I believe the twisting action during the Wood Chop is what caused today’s issue.

So, depending on how it is feeling come morning I will either do a 6 mile run tomorrow or I will go for a really long bike ride.

Fingers crossed it ain’t no thang and I will be good as new tomorrow.

Until then….

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