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Holy Asterisks Batman!

August 7, 2012

If a 2-toed sloth

English: Two toed sloth named Herman, taken at...

English: Two toed sloth named Herman, taken at Detroit zoo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and a garden slug

Photo credit:

met, fell in love and had a baby….

That baby would be how I felt this morning during my workout.

Holy buckets!  Anything short of mainlining methamphetamine* was not going to get me going today.  I  dragged myself to the gym and battled through my workout.  I wanted, nay needed, something easy today when it came to cardio.  I still wanted to get my heart rate up, burn some calories and get sweaty so here is the interval workout I did on the treadmill:

Workout 8/7/12**

0-5  walking warmup 4.0  (and by warmup I mean warmup, it was like 40 degrees in the gym this morning.  wtf?)


5-7  jog 5.8

7-8  sprint 6.8

8-10  jog  5.8


10-11  walk 4.0


11-13  jog 5.8

13-14  sprint 6.8

14-16  jog 5.8


16-17  walk 4.0


17-19  jog 6.0

19-20  sprint 7.0

20-22  jog 6.0


22-23  walk 4.0


23-25  jog 6.0

25-26  sprint 7.0

26-28  jog  6.0


28-29  walk  4.0


29-31  jog  6.2

31-32  sprint 7.2

32-34  jog 6.2


34-35  walk  4.0


35-37  jog 6.2

37-38  sprint 7.2

38-40  jog 6.2

After I got off the treadmill I got 4 kipping pull ups out of the way before I moved onto the circuit workout:

AMRAP in 20 minutes of the following:

Bosu mountain climbers  30

Lunges with knee lift  down and back

3,3,3,3 push ups (3 hands together, 3 military, 3 wide, 3 pike)

side plank hip raises  15 each side

clean and press  10

candlestick jumps  5

I used a 30 pound barbell for the clean and press.

I was about to finish round 4 when the timer went off.  I was halfway through clean and press and I decided I was so close to finishing round 4 I might as well complete it even if I went a little over time.  Pat on the back for me.  A very sweaty back that is:

I sweat like a dude.


By the time I made it home I was ravenous though it was still too early for lunch.  I snacked on a small banana, Greek yogurt and some much needed coffee:

That will certainly hold me over until lunch.***

I have decided to give my body a bit of a break tomorrow — don’t get me wrong, I will get a workout in but I plan on going on a long bike ride tomorrow morning and then calling it a day workout-wise.  Perhaps this exhaustion will subside after giving myself a small break.

I will let you know how it goes.

* definitely NOT something that I condone

** until I can figure out this date/time zone issue I am going to start posting the date next to my workouts so that if I ever need to look back I will have the correct date

*** nothing to note here, just thought 3 asterisks would round things out nicely 🙂

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