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Perhaps a picture or two.

August 1, 2012

Here is my first attempt at writing a post that includes…wait for it….pictures!  (insert crowd-going-wild noises here)

Dinner Last Night

I promise I am working on my photography skills. I hereby apologize for the crappy pictures that will most likely end up in my posts for a while.

Dinner last night was red salmon pulled from the Kenai River just a few weeks ago, kale and chard sauteed in garlic and butter (yes, better), and quinoa.  What’s funny is, growing up, it seemed like we were eating salmon all the time.  So much so that I swore it off when I was out of the house and cooking for myself.  All that changed when Joe made his appearance in my life and cooked salmon for me.  He uses a rub called Slammin’ Salmon from a local spice shop, Summit Spice and Tea

which makes the salmon irresistible!  So Yum! On a side note: not sure why there is a tape measure near my food.  Again, working on my photo taking skill.

Today’s Workout

I had to wake up painfully early to ensure I got my workout in.  I have made a habit out of working out before my day starts so it is not looming over me all day.  I have learned that if I continually put it off as the day goes on I will continually let things distract me — so a morning worker outer is what I have become.

I began my workout with 35 minutes of intervals on the treadmill:

0-5  walking warmup at 4.0

5-9  jogging at 6.0

9-10 sprint at 7.0

10-14  jogging at 6.2

14-15  sprint at 7.2

15- 19  jogging at 6.4

19-20  sprint at 7.4

20-24  jogging at 6.6

24-25  sprint at 7.6

25-29  jogging at 6.8

29-30  sprint at 7.8

30-34  jogging at 7.0

34-35  sprint at 8.0

This is a treadmill interval that I do often.  I get a good workout and it keeps me from getting a case of treadmill boredom.

I have recently discovered I can do pullups and by pullups I mean the swingy, kippy, kicky kind BUT they are still pullups in my mind!  So after the run on the treadmill I did 3 pullups and moved onto my circuit cross training.

Some days the gym manager (i think that’s what he is – he could be a homeless guy off the street for all i know) will leave a workout for me and today was one of those days:

It was a pretty good circuit workout though I did wonder about the ab wheel…I thought those things went the way of the Thigh Master and Tony Little’s Gazelle.  Ah, well it was a workout either way.

Time to go wear this dog out:

My Sadie!


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